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Mueller Intensive Sport Slimmer Waist & Abdomen

Mueller Intensive Sport Slimmer Waist & Abdomen

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MADFORM Intensive Sport Slimmer – Waist & Abdomen, it is a cosmetic foam designed to combat the localized fat deposits common in men (waist and abdomen) with a single night time application, making the most of the evening hours when the skin is most receptive. Apply before exercise too if you wish to increase the strength of the action.

Instructions for the best usage:

Apply the foam across you waist and abdomen (pulling the trigger left to right) spread evenly and massage into the areas to be treated until it is completely absorbed. The foam quickly dissolves into a liquid so that it can be rapidly absorbed by the skin. It can be applied during the day (40-50 minutes before physical activity) and at night

Foam: 150ml