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Madform Double Strength Muscle Recovery Cream

Madform Double Strength Muscle Recovery Cream

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MADFORM Double Strength Muscle Recovery Cream

is our Extra strength muscle recovery cream and has been developed to help your muscles recover after hard physical activity and/or injuries.

Madform recovery muscle rubs are excellent for damaged, painful or tired muscles – Use when the body is suffering from fatigue, stiffness or sprains, it can also help to reduce the appearance of traumas.

When you massage recovery cream into a muscle it produces a powerful sensation of hot & cold. Heat causes an effect called Vasodilation which is a widening of the blood vessels. Cold causes Vasoconstriction which is a narrowing of the vessels, in this case the ones closer to the skin. The combined result is an improved blood flow deep within your muscles that otherwise would be flowing very slowly. Improved blood flow within means a greater supply of nutrients including oxygen and proteins (that your muscles need to recover) is available to be absorbed quicker and crucially waste products may be removed more efficiently.


Double Strength Muscle Recovery Cream has two uses –Sport and Therapy. When there is a physical problem it means that there are damaged or dead cells present. This causes the flow of blood to slow. The hot/cold effect increases blood flow and aids rehabilitation. Reduce - Pain –Bruising – Swelling –Tension – Sprains – Stiffness – Fatigue and Deterioration. Therapeutic - Relief for bangs – Bumps and bruises – Pulled muscles – Stiffness – Strains – Sprains Tendonitis, etc. MADFORM Double Strength is easy to apply; it is suitable for all sports people, professional or amateur. It is one of the muscle recovery creams on the market that will not cause itching or irritation. MADFORM products are tested to European medical standards and approved with an AEMPS code: Reg. AEMPS nº 272-PH AWARDS

Double Power Muscle Recovery Cream received SILVER Award in Men’s Running Magazine (UK) for best product innovation 2013