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Mueller EZ Relief™ mígrenishetta

Mueller EZ Relief™ mígrenishetta

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Mueller® EZ Relief™ Migraine Cap, Unisex, One Size Fits Most - Black

The Mueller Sports Medicine EZ Relief™ Migraine Cap helps reduce pain associated with headaches, migraines, sinus & head tension, and stress using EZ Relief™ gel technology. Thicker gel composition and a contoured fit allow for up to 2X longer lasting relief for extended use. Versatile and easy-to-apply warming and cooling provides soothing relief to the head area. Designed for ease-of-use and instant tension relief.


About this item

  • HELPS ALLEVIATE HEADACHES, MIGRAINES, & HEAD TENSION: Utilizes advanced temperature-holding gel technology to heat and cool the head for instant tension relief.
  • EASE-OF-USE: Warm and cool with ease by simply sliding cap in the fridge/freezer for cold therapy & heating it in the microwave for hot therapy.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Manufactured with thicker, flexible gel and reinforced stitching to fit any head comfortably.
  • UP TO 2X LONGER LASTING RELIEF: Thicker gel composition allows cap to hold temperature longer.
  • LIGHT AND NOISE REDUCING: can be worn in multiple ways to provide desired level of relief and block out harsh light and sound.
  • EXTENDED, ALL-DAY USE: temperature-holding gel provides comforting relief throughout the day and can even be worn while resting.
  • INCLUDES A RESUABLE BAG: Keep the EZ Relief™ Migraine Cap safe and clean with a provided reusable bag.

Application Instructions:

APPLYING COLD THERAPY: Cool in the refrigerator or freezer (with supplied reusable bag) for at least 2 hours for best performance.

APPLYING HOT THERAPY: Warm in microwave WITHOUT SUPPLIED BAG for 20 seconds. Test temperature for comfort. DO NOT heat for more than a total of 40 seconds.

EASY TO APPLY: 1. Heat/cool as seen under “Application Instructions.” 2. Take cap out of reusable bag for COLD THERAPY. For HOT THERAPY, take cap out of reusable bag before microwaving. 3. Slide cap over the top of the head. 4. Pull cap down for desired treatment. Designed to slide over the eyes and ears for light & sound reduction. Can be worn above eyes and ears if preferred.