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Mueller PFTape® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief System

Mueller PFTape® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief System

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Patented PFTape® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief System is a breakthrough treatment for heel and arch pain. PFTape® is a disposable, one-time use support system designed for rapid heel pain relief. It’s easy to apply and never needs cutting or modifying because it fits any size foot — narrow or wide, male or female.

Understand all instructions prior to use. Wash and dry foot thoroughly. Sit in a stable position to apply. Do not wear in the tub or shower. Remove product if it gets wet.
1. Separate the two sides of product at the perforations. The wider piece with two tabs is the sole strip. The narrower, solid piece is the arch strip.
2. The sole strip will be applied to the bottom of the foot with the two tabs extending beyond the heel far enough to cross on the back of the heel. Note the position required for application to your foot. With the solid paper backing facing you, bend the sole strip and remove the smaller paper backing. Apply the small adhesive section of the sole strip beginning at or near the ball of your foot positioned so that the tabs will extend to the back of the heel.
3. With the sole strip attached at or near the ball of your foot, remove the remaining paper backing while keeping your foot at a 90 degree, or a slight downward angle. Press the adhesive side against your heel and then along the entire bottom of your foot. This may leave a small gap between the foot and the support in the arch area, until step 4.
4. Cross the tabs around the back of your heel. Press the strip against the arch of your foot to ensure adhesion. If necessary, take a step and adjust the position of the support strip and/or tabs.
5. Remove the arch strip from paper backing and apply around the mid-section of your foot, near the middle of the arch. Apply by wrapping around your foot. (The ends may or may not overlap on top of your foot.)
Antimicrobial: No
Color: Beige
Fits: Both
Composition: Woven Rayon, Latex Free Adhesive
Sterile: No

According to Shoe Size
US Men 8 - 12
US Women 9 - 13